Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Culture: Keith Haring

I wrote a personal blog years ago, and I had a tradition of posting something "cultural" every Friday. Usually, this was some poetry, or a piece of music, or selections from a visual artist. During the month of May I'm going to bring this tradition back. I think it's relevant here on my professional blog because I believe that art has much to say about mental health and self-actualization. After all, artists philosophers, poets, writers, and musicians throughout history have had commentary of the human condition.

With that said, today is the birthday of Keith Haring. After moving to New York at the age of 19, Haring achieved public recognition with chalk drawings in the New York subways. Haring's art famously addresses the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but he made art about a wide range of social and political themes of his time, such as apartheid and the crack cocaine crisis. Haring himself was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, and continued  to increase awareness about the AIDS crisis. Haring died of AIDS-related complications in February of 1990, leaving behind a legacy of art commentary on social issues.

Haring's work is still under copyright, so I cannot post any of it on this blog. Instead, I'm giving a link to a video about Haring. The video is an overview of an exhibit of Haring's work at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati from 2011. It includes an interesting history of Haring's development as an artist.


 Also, today's Google doodle is in honor of Keith Haring.

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