Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quick update: Two good articles

I came across two interesting articles today. The first one, by Robert Weiss LCSW, asks the question, "Can women be sex addicts?" Certainly, the answer seems to be, "Yes." But then, why is it only male sex addicts we hear about in the news, and why do men seek treatment for sex addiction more than women do? (The author points out that the percentage of women entering treatment for sex addiction mirrors the percentage of men entering treatment for eating disorders.) He suggests that our cultural context has everything to do with how we view sexual addiction. 

A quote:
Even the woman whose sexual and romantic behaviors are causing her profound problems  (health, family, relationship, career, etc.) is not likely to identify as having a sexual problem, she is more likely to use terms like, “I have relationship issues” or “I tend to pick the wrong partners.” 

The full article is here

The second article, also by Robert Weiss, is "The Do's and Don't's of Healthy Dating for Sex Addicts," has some great tips on how to approach dating in a way that is healthy and, more importantly, enjoyable. The article is good reading for everyone, not just sex addicts. (I would suggest that the article be re-titled, "The Do's and Dont's's of Healthy Dating for Everyone.")

Some of the common-sense (but surprisingly uncommon!) tips he gives are:
Do look at your dates as potential friends. Ultimately a having a solid friendship is how you build anything long-term.

Do try to learn about the person you are dating. Find out their passions and interests. Make sure to focus on them as much as you share yourself.

Don’t go to bars alone looking for a date – you may get laid, but not likely loved.

Don’t call, email or text them daily, no matter how good it felt being together. Try to let the dating take its own course.

The full article is here

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