Monday, July 18, 2011

Antipsychotic medication on the rise

The opening line of this article from Aljazeera says it all: "Has America become a nation of psychotics? You would certainly think so, based on the explosion in the use of antipsychotic medications."

Prescriptions for antipsychotic medications have exploded, to the point where antipsychotics are the top selling type of medication, even more so than drugs used for high cholesterol and acid reflux. As a therapist, I certainly believe this. I frequently see clients who are prescribed antipsychotic medication, who disclose that their physician gave it to them "for help sleeping," or even for depression. But the really interesting part of this article comes later, when the author suggests that the rise in prescriptions may be a result of the marketing strategies of pharmaceutical companies, and that the medications being prescribed may not actually be helping patients. 

This is not the first article of this type, but it is worth a read. 

Here is the article:  Mass psychosis in the US.

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