Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Therapy to change "feminine boy" caused long-term problems?

This article details a tragic story of a young boy who undergoes therapy to become more masculine, and later kills himself at age 38. It is worth reading to remember that therapy that seeks to change orientation or gender expression often does more harm than good. 

Teaser quote:

In 2003 at age 38, Kirk Murphy took his own life.
A co-worker found him hanging from the fan of his apartment in New Delhi. His family has struggled for years to understand what happened.
"I used to spend so much time thinking, why would he kill himself at the age of 38? It doesn't make any sense to me," said Kirk's sister, Maris Murphy. "What I now think is I don't know how he made it that long."
After Kirk's death, Maris started a search that would uncover a dark family secret. That secret revealed itself during a phone conversation with her older brother Mark, who mentioned his distrust of any kind of therapy.
"Don't you remember all that crap we went through at UCLA?" he asked her. Maris was too young to remember the details, but Mark remembered it vividly as a low point in their lives.

Read the whole thing here. 

P.S.: It is worth noting that the therapist who treated Kirk Murphy was George Rekers, who is the prominant right-wing figure who was caught last year on vacation with a rent boy.

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