Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Remembering Carl Jung

Carl Jung is one of the pioneers of mental health who not only influenced the field, but also captured the attention of popular culture. Terms like "collective unconscious" and "Jungian" have become part of everyday speech. The Guardian has begun a series examining the life and work of Carl Jung, who died 50 years ago on June 6.

From the article:

If you have ever thought of yourself as an introvert or extrovert; if you've ever deployed the notions of the archetypal or collective unconscious; if you've ever loved or loathed the new age; if you have ever done a Myers-Briggs personality or spirituality test; if you've ever been in counselling and sat opposite your therapist rather than lain on the couch – in all these cases, there's one man you can thank: Carl Gustav Jung.

Here is the original.

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